A new beginning

It has been about five months since I graduated from university and I think things have gone by quickly. It is surprising how time flies when you are not checking, and you may be wondering why I would not check how far I have gone these past months. Well, it is because I have been locked and busy with starting law school. I started law school just a month after I graduated, and it has been intense to say the least.

Law school is in two parts: Bar Part 1 and Part 2. I successfully completed Part 1 and I am now in Part 2. Starting Law School has not changed much of me in terms of my coping mechanism because I have accepted studying as part of my life. I guess life after university for me would start with going to law school and I need to make a conscious effort to make it worthwhile. Law School as my first program after university bothers me a little because it was not part of my list of things to do after university. I had this strong will to get a job in a law related company and make some money as a young undergraduate, but I was convinced by family and friends to do Law School and become a Barrister first before all other things. Sometimes I feel I should have gone with my idea but most times, deep in my guts, I feel like I made the right choice. I am focused on making my time at law school worthwhile by achieving an excellent result, learning from my experiences, creating memories and making meaningful friendships while also being aware that it comes with some challenges and sacrifices, some I have already experienced.

At school, I have little to no sleep because of the personal study and research that needs to be done, the lectures last up to four hours with intense teaching and questions, daily compulsory group meetings and the underlying pressure to do well in the final exams. These challenges are not very new to me though as they are quite like what I dealt with at university, but not the same; it is more demanding. I think over the years of growing and learning as an adult I understand that sad as it may be, things in life do not come without some form of challenge and so it would be up to me to overcome all the challenges that come my way by discipline, working hard and smart, and consistency. I am not going to lie, the fears creep in slowly, the worries and imaginations. What if I get asked a question in class and I say the wrong answer? ‘I cannot come and embarrass myself at Law School you know.’

This is a new chapter of my life. It is always best to start something new, whether it is a new job or a semester or a family, with enthusiasm and commitment, laying a strong foundation so that the results would be outstanding. It is not good to be stagnant in life or be left behind by choice. I suppose starting law school is just a chapter that I must go through and finish well. I hope this encourages someone who is starting something new to start well.

Photos by A4 Signatures