2019 – My Year of outstanding Achievements

This year would be a significant year in my life, I feel it strongly. I feel this because it is the birth year of Amaka’s Empire and I am set to be a Barrister by God’s grace. It is also because of the many opportunities and outstanding achievements that I would experience. This is a year of speaking your resolutions into existence. Permit me to let you know that your mouth is very powerful and so you can give it the authority to command your life in a positive way and create things by merely saying it out loud. This is unlike me but I have written down my resolutions for the year, all that I want to achieve for myself and family and most importantly, I have spoken them into existence. I have not really been a fan of new year resolutions in the past just because I felt they would not be useful in the year. I have come to learn that I was wrong and it is in fact very essential as I have seen it work for many of my friends and family members who achieve so much in a year because of it.

A resolution is your key to outstanding achievements. It is the ultimate step to achieve anything. It helps you to identify what you want to accomplish in the year, it gives you the motivation to work hard and It is a form of self-reflection on how you performed in the year. I have realised that a resolution is one of the things that I have been missing in the past years and it just might be one of the reasons why I did not achieve notable things.

 If you are going through challenging circumstances, I would encourage you to put down some goals for the year. If your life is going great, I would encourage the same. I use myself as an example of someone who have been through pain from the loss of loved ones which stopped me from looking forward to a new year and consequently not making resolutions. Not to say much but there is truly strength to do all amazing things on the other side of your challenges.  

Who wants to do ordinary things? Definitely not me. The power to do extraordinary things this year lies within you and I. Believe in your power to do outstanding things this year, speak it into existence and watch it manifest in your life.

 Happy New Year Everyone!

Photos by A4 Signatures