I created Amaka’s Empire to share bits and pieces of my life and passion. This idea was conceived during my first year of university when I started to find my voice on social media and curious about using a platform to express my thoughts and persona. After a few years of deliberation, preparation and learning, I am glad to bring Amaka’s Empire to life.

I would like to share content that is unique to my style and personality. I love all things outfits. I find that I can spend hours putting bits of my clothing together to achieve a simple but elegant look. I love to share my experiences in life and what I get up to on a regular basis. I am a law graduate and so very passionate about understanding the law.

My vision is to draw interests to the many laws that are neglected and unenforced, to motivate and influence people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyle to use the two P’s – their Passion and Potentials to reach for their goals. Each section of this blog is aimed at equipping young millennials like myself to build empires of their own by utilizing all that they possess on the outside and within.

Amaka's Empire