A Heart of Gratitude

Guys I’m grinning so much as I type this that my chins hurt lol! it’s my Birthday and I feel so happy and blessed to be a year older. I won’t lie It’s not hard to catch me complaining about silly things sometimes but really I try to be grateful for the little but big things that I am blessed with, and my Birthday is definitely one of them. Chile, I feel like I’m getting older and becoming an Aunt haha, but you know what, I actually don’t mind as long as I’m the rich Aunt that spoils my nieces and nephews and would pull up to a kid’s party in a Lamborghini. Looking back at the past few years I have achieved outstanding things but not so much in terms of manifesting my goals. I know I will get there soon. I am working really hard to make the future years better than the past and one of the ways i plan to do this is by having a heart of gratitude.

A heart of gratitude is one of the elements to the laws of attraction; a grateful attitude attracts more blessings and success. So I am thankful for a lot of things and some are:

I am thankful for the ultimate gift of life

I am thankful for my family

I am thankful that I have provision

I am thankful that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Law

I am thankful for my resilient attitude in challenging times

I am thankful for my friends that I spend quality time with

I am thankful for good heath

There are many more things that I can add to this list, perhaps the list is uncountable, but I I’ll save them for later.

Another thing that a heart of gratitude does is that it creates a feeling of importance in people. It has the ability to arouse enthusiasm among people just by expressing a heartfelt gratitude or appreciation.

I am looking forward to my new age and all that I am going to accomplish by God’s Grace.

Happy Birthday to Me!